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Ted Bundy: The Man Who Changed the Face of Murder

Theodore Robert Bundy, born in November of 1946, is an infamous serial killer. There aren't many people who don't know the name of this man, or the murders he committed. Before Ted, the public saw serial killers as societal rejects,... Continue Reading →


Robert Durst: The Jinx Confession

The name Robert Durst is one you may have heard before. Whether through media coverage, or in relation to the hit TV documentary ‘The Jinx’, the property scion has found his name on the lips of millions of people over... Continue Reading →

The Tinder Murder and Gable Tostee – murder, manslaughter or innocence?

The latest case to stir up discussion on social media is the so-called 'Tinder Murder'. News outlets have created sensational headlines, constantly plastering the internet with pictures of 30-year-old Gable Tostee, the man accused and acquitted of murder. Unfortunately, as... Continue Reading →

Rurik Jutting – can drug fuelled murder be excused through ‘diminished responsibility’?

Some homicide cases remind us that there is a thin line between a high functioning member of society with narcissistic tendencies, and a narcissistic psychopath. In the case of Rurik Jutting, that line was made of cocaine. On November 1st,... Continue Reading →

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