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Diane Schuler and the Taconic State Parkway Crash

In 2009, on a sunny Sunday just outside New York, Diane Schuler was travelling down the Taconic State Parkway with her son, her daughter and her three nieces. She was driving at around 85 miles per hour, along the wrong... Continue Reading →


Rurik Jutting – can drug fuelled murder be excused through ‘diminished responsibility’?

Some homicide cases remind us that there is a thin line between a high functioning member of society with narcissistic tendencies, and a narcissistic psychopath. In the case of Rurik Jutting, that line was made of cocaine. On November 1st,... Continue Reading →

Killer characteristics – the different traits of murder

We see it in the news all the time. The term 'Serial Killer' is used to describe pretty much any person suspected of more than one murder. Those analysing a crime from a law or a psychology angle would probably... Continue Reading →

The murder of Andrew Bagby

True crime enthusiasts like me will know the name Andrew Bagby from a 2008 documentary called Dear Zachary. Although I loved the film, I felt like not enough time was spent discussing the harrowing case of Andrew's murder. This is... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Box: A Life Stolen

On September 10th, Lifetime released their made for TV movie 'The Girl in the Box', a dramatisation of the case of Colleen Stan. Colleen was 20 years old when she was picked up by Cameron Hooker and his wife Janice... Continue Reading →

Clown sightings cause widespread fear

What's causing the killer clown phenomenon?

Amanda Knox: Did she, or didn’t she?

I haven't written in a while. Maybe it's because I've been busy, maybe it's because I haven't found anything I wanted to write about. But that quickly changed on Friday when Netflix launched its new documentary: Amanda Knox. Before I... Continue Reading →

Is Helter Skelter the world’s number one true crime bestseller?

In one of my previous posts, I let you know that true crime is a huge passion of mine. I gave you a glimpse of some of my book collection, and suggested a few podcasts I've been listening to. In... Continue Reading →

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