I’ve always had a slight obsession with true crime. For me, it’s usually the darker the better, which I appreciate sounds slightly messed up and frequently leaves me at a loose end at social gatherings.

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But over the past year or so, thanks to documentaries like Making a Murderer, and TV shows such as the incredible The People VS OJ Simpson, it seems the rest of the world is catching up with mysterious and dangerous world of the criminally insane.

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This sudden true crime mania is great news for all the people who, like me, have read a book on a particularly gruesome serial killer in a public place cleverly disguised by the sleeve of some mushy chick flick. I always said that if I was ever suspected of a crime, the police would take one look at my bookshelf and slap on the cuffs.


Since my other half has started rolling his eyes each time I come home with an arm full of nightmare inducing books, I’ve recently found podcasts. Yes, I know, podcasts have been around for a while, especially those that focus on true crime, but I’ve never really seen the appeal of audio books, and so I assumed podcasts weren’t for me. Boy, was I wrong.

If you’re new to true crime, or wanting to find more information on some of the cornerstone cases, you’ll want to give these a listen:

Sword and Scale

This podcast was where it all started for me. Written and narrated by Mike Boudet, the show covers a whole host of crimes, from single murders to mass murders, in-depth court cases to bizarre crimes. My favourite episode focuses on Morgan Ingram, a 20-year-old girl who died from an apparent suicide. However, as the podcast explains, some members of her family weren’t content to accept the coroner’s ruling.

It’s currently published every couple of weeks and is available on both Apple and Android.

True Crime Garage

Created by two American guys who call themselves Nic and Captain Fantastico, True Crime Garage has covered a huge array of cases. From OJ Simpson, to the disappearance of Brian Schaefer, each episode is in-depth, thoroughly researched, and has a little bit of banter in the appropriate places.

I love this podcast because the guys cover cases that you might not have heard before. When you subscribe to 10+ true crime podcasts, there’s a danger of hearing the same crimes again and again. Not with True Crime Garage. 10/10 for originality. You can listen on Apple and Android, or access a few episodes on the official website.

My Favourite Murder

I’ve saved the best til last. My Favourite Murder is my ideal true crime podcast. Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, both of whom are already accomplished stars in their own right, this show makes every girl who loves a gruesome murder but has been too self conscious to admit it, feel like they don’t have to give a shit what people think.

If you’re wondering what the podcast is specifically about, the clue is in the title. Karen and Georgia cover a different theme each episode (1990’s murders, for example) and discuss their favourite murder in line with that theme. They’re hilarious, unapologetic and insanely intelligent, which makes me love them even more. Check out their episodes here on Feral Audio, or download them on Apple and Android.

So there is a snippet of my true crime hobby. Can you call it a hobby? Or does that make it sound like I’m actively practicing true crime? We’ll stick with the word obsession.

So there is a snippet of my true crime obsession. I hope this post helps another crime buff delve a little deeper into the world of murder.

As usual, thanks for reading 🙂

Laura x