As of March 2015, I was pushing twelve and a half stone. I’m a tall girl (5’8 ish), so people mentioned that I didn’t look ‘fat’, I carried the weight well. Pfft.

After a year of busting my ass in the gym, and on off healthy eating, I’m pretty proud that I’ve almost hit my goal of ten stone.

I’m off to Greece in August (yesssss sun!) and so like most people, I’m searching for that summer bod to show off on the beach.

After a weekend of eating like shit, I’m back on the healthy horse. Here’s what I’ve put in my belly today:


For breakfast, I had some Jordan’s super berry granola, which includes cranberries, blueberries and black currents, with some 0% fat Greek yoghurt. And yes, I ate it out of a tea cup. I work in an office where bowls and plates are very rarely where they should be.


My lunch was gorgeous, if do say so myself. I had a peppery salad, with rocket, lettuce, peppers, radish and tomato, and for my protein I was slightly cheeky and had tuna and sweet corn sandwich filler! It was so bloody quick and easy to pop on my plate, plus at 230 calories and 18g fat per 100g, it was pretty healthy too! You’ll be glad to see I managed to obtain a real plate for my lunch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of my dinner because I’d just got back from a particularly strenuous HIIT session and I was absolutely starving. I made myself a quick side salad of just lettuce and avocado, then paired it with some homemade chilli.

I made sure to get 5% fat beef mince for my chilli and because my other half doesn’t like kidney beans (I know wtf?!) we always use baked beans instead. Top tip: try to get the low salt version of Heinz beans, it will make you feel better about including them.

So that’s my grub for today. As I mentioned earlier, I did a 30 minute HIIT session after work and walked my usual five miles to and from where I work. So all in all a good day I think!

I think that food and exercise will feature quite a lot in my blog, as it’s a big part of each day for me at the moment.

What are your favourite healthy recipes? I’d love to know so I can steal them and stop eating tuna for lunch every day.

Thanks for reading 👍🏼

Laura x