So I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to start my own blog. This is it.

I work in PR and content marketing, so while reading and reviewing blog after blog, day in day out, I thought to myself: ‘maybe I could do this!’

This might sound a bit silly, it still does to me, but about six months ago I decided to visit a psychic. I wanted to find out for myself if the whole psychic thing could be real, or if I’d just laugh the whole experience off.

I ended up with a bit of both. Some things were spot on, others not so much. But one thing I did take away with me was the medium’s insistence that I start my own blog. So this is for you, psychic Sally! (Not her real name, don’t be ridiculous).

On this blog you can expect to find anything and everything. From random rants about my day, to gushing reviews of my new favourite book or TV show. I’ll promise to be open and honest, while dialling my loud personality down just a smidge.

Thanks for reading my first blog post, onto the next one! 👍🏼

Laura x